Swinger exchanges: how to get started (and in which swinger clubs)

Although many people have considered swinging, they don’t even know where to start. Here we bring you up to date

Fetishes and sexual fantasies have always been more common than they might at first appear. And among these, partner swapping stands out. In fact, a recent survey revealed that although 86% of Spaniards surveyed have never done it, 47% would like to.

People who carry out partner exchanges are known as swinger. And these exchanges involve sexual encounters with third parties and with both partners present. They are, therefore, group sex practices. Swingers are commonly known for the classic exchange of couples, but any kind of encounters can take place in the environment: threesomes, orgies, gangbangs…

Swinging, although it usually involves couples, can also be enjoyed in many other ways, such as alone.

What do you do in a swinger’s club, apart from the obvious?

Even if we’ve never been introduced to this world, we can all guess what you do in a swinger club: you do it with someone other than your love. However, this world is much more complex, as it can go to different levels as far as sexual contact is concerned.

Thus, swingers are divided into:

Those who go all in: there are couples who choose to practice full swap, which means “complete exchange” and implies that all kinds of sexual practices like SimpleEscorts.com and is escort in London can be performed including penetration.

Without penetration: there are couples who practice “melangism”, in which there is no penetration, but there is caressing, kissing ….. Touching also reaches a really interesting level of excitement.

Those who only watch: there are also voyeurs, who are people who prefer to enjoy erotically watching others, without having physical contact. There are people who are also very aroused by showing off, so it is an ideal combination.

The ‘vanilla’: in general terms, vanilla people are those who have conventional sexual tastes, that is, no bondage, domination, sadomasochism… just normal intercourse.

But there is one thing they all have in common: what happens inside the club, stays there. Thus, in the swinger environment there are two spheres of life. The horizontal sphere refers to all the people you meet in the swinger or liberal environment; and the vertical sphere is that which is outside this world, such as family, friends who do not know these practices, people at work… It is often said that it is not advisable to mix both worlds, for obvious reasons.

How to start doing partner exchanges?

If you want to start practicing it, you must decide in which category you get into and, obviously, talk it over with your partner if you go. However, you should know that it is not for everyone, as there is a risk of breakup, according to specialist Tracey Cox.

As Cox assures, “visiting a sex club is a great way to indulge same-sex fantasies and voyeurism of SimpleEscorts.com and escort in Manchester, and if one is considering having a threesome or any kind of group sex, this can be an easy way to go about it.”

However, when we talk about couples, they are only recommended for those whose members are very self-assured and confident with their relationship. “Anyone who has issues with their physique or feels sexually inferior in any way should not go,” he says.

If you still want to try it, the expert recommends that on the first visit you don’t have sexual contact with anyone, and that when you leave you simply evaluate how you felt and if you want to try it the next time.


Strategies to interact with the public in the networks

Learn about the best strategies to interact with the public on social networks, so that you can maintain contact with users, give feedback to your customers and much more.

The 7 best strategies to interact with the public in the networks

The idea of ​​having a presence in social networks is mainly to be able to interact with followers, potential clients and the general public, mainly in those businesses that are just beginning to have a presence in the virtual world and want to stand out among so many brands.

1. Post often

The idea is that you can publish frequently without this implying exaggeration and try to do it in time intervals, either from Monday to Friday or daily.

The idea is that you can post according to the type of social network, for example on Facebook 4 to 5 times a week, while on Instagram or Twitter you can increase the frequency, even to several times a day.
Instead, on platforms like YouTube, you can limit your posts to once a week but still do so.

The objective is to test to define the frequency with which you should publish to make the most of the interaction with users and verify the effectiveness of the strategies.

2. Design your message adapted to each social network

Each of the social networks has different characteristics and it is necessary to adapt the publications to it.

The idea is that you can publish the most appropriate content on the corresponding social network, for example, on YouTube you must upload videos, since users usually look for this type of publication, on the other hand, Instagram, photos with detailed description are usually the better choice.

3. Spend time creating content

Offering quality content and posts is essential in any social network, so spending time creating and posting is of the utmost importance.

You must pay attention to details, take good photographs and take care of spelling, remember that everything you publish will be associated with your brand and will positively or negatively influence your reputation.

You can organize yourself into work blocks and assign a certain period of time to each task to fulfill them all in the most efficient way.

4. Perform live and promote them

Live broadcasts have a great reach among users, but if they are not promoted, this resource can be wasted, so it is essential that you spend time promoting it appropriately in all possible media.

Regardless of the social network you decide to do the live broadcast on, you will be able to promote it on others and even on your website.

Get the most out of the most used social networks today with the content that we frequently offer through the blog section of our website. In this way, you can increase the reach of your business or venture and even get more followers organically.

5. Show interest in your audience by launching polls and questions

Showing interest in your followers is a great way to interact with them and for this you can conduct surveys or questions.

Remember that this is usually more useful to know your audience than a simple “Like”.

6. Set a goal for each post

The idea is that you make publications that have specific objectives and not that they are made randomly, since the intention is to achieve public interaction with the brand.

Usually, the publications have web traffic, reach, followers or engagement as their objective, and they are designed based on this.

7. Connect with the interests and experiences of your audience

This last strategy is linked to Storytelling and its intention is to make the target audience feel identified with the brand.

The idea is to have a buyer persona profile that helps you target your posts based on the experiences, interests, and concerns of the users the brand is targeting.


Facebook contests and how to take advantage of them

Discover everything you need to know about Facebook contests and how to take advantage of them, so you can take advantage of the advantages and benefits that this digital marketing strategy has for you.

Facebook contests

Sure, you’ve heard about contests on Facebook, a strategy that allows businesses and ventures to get closer to their users or potential customers.
It is an incredible opportunity to improve the sales of your online store, however, this is not the only benefit that you can obtain by running a

Facebook contest since it also allows you to generate engagement and increase traffic to your ecommerce.

Combining the reach of a social network like Facebook and the attractiveness of a contest, it is possible to guarantee a practically resounding success, thanks to the fact that anyone would like to win a prize, however, this does not imply that all the promotions you carry out are infallible. , but it will require planning a strategy that allows you to achieve your specific objectives.

When talking about web analytics or metrics, there are certain parameters that are considered “vanity” or less important for a business, such as the number of followers or the reach of a publication, however, although apparently it is not of something relevant if it is essential to define the objectives of a contest and determine the precise moment in which you should do it.

General rules for Facebook contests

As in any other social network, you need to consider some general rules for Facebook contests, so that you do not run the risk of being sanctioned by the platform, these are the following.

• You must clearly state the conditions that the applicant must meet in order to become a winner, ie eligibility requirements and participation restrictions.
• It is necessary to ensure compliance with the corresponding data protection terms and legal aspects.
• The Facebook platform must be exempt from any responsibility inherent to the contest or sweepstakes.
• It is necessary to clarify that Facebook does not sponsor the contest and does not administer it.
• Formulas that are not allowed or message limitations must be established, such as requesting that other people be tagged in the publication, although there are other social networks such as Instagram that still allow this type of condition.

7 Steps to Create Facebook Contests and How to Take Advantage of Them

Get the most out of the most used social networks today with the content that we frequently offer through the blog section of our website. In this way, you can increase the reach of your business or venture and even get more followers organically.

1. Establish the objectives, integrating the contest to the purposes you want to achieve, whether it is to obtain followers, increase traffic, retain customers or others.
2. Determine the target audience of the contest, so that you can capture the largest number of potential customers.
3. Choose the contest prize, considering that it should be attractive to your buyer persona and not be so expensive that it generates losses in exchange for likes.
4. Set the challenge or test, be it like + comment, answer a question, submit a photo, or some other action so that only those who are truly interested participate.
5. Establishes the rules of the contest, including the duration, who can participate, the action to be carried out, the prizes and the draw process, in addition to compliance with the Facebook regulations, previously exposed.
6. Promote the contest, carrying out advertising campaigns, collaborating with third parties, sharing in the community or supporting yourself on other social networks to spread the word and achieve greater reach.
7. Measure and analyze the results, so that you can check if the contest strategy has worked or not and determine what you should maintain or modify in the future.

Remember to pay special attention to each step to avoid sanctions by the platform.


Useful applications for social networks

Get to know the best useful applications for social networks and discover their functionality, advantages, how to use them and much more, so that you can get the most out of them.

What are the best social networks?

Currently, social networks are an essential resource for entertainment and for doing business, so having the best applications is essential, so that you can ensure the success of your experience and the growth of your brand.

There are currently 4 applications for social networks that are very useful:


It is a social network available for Android and iOS operating systems, which offers the possibility of connecting with friends, colleagues, family and meeting new people, thanks to the fact that it has more than 2,000 million users around the world.

Thanks to its versatility, it is excellent for implementing digital marketing strategies and achieving great reach.


This social network is available for Android and iOS and is ideal for brands and users to interact, allowing information to be shared through short messages and links to other content.

This network has more than 300 million users and allows for specific digital marketing campaigns.


Compatible with Android and iOS, this social network is a video sharing platform that has more than 1.8 billion users, making it the best of its kind.

It is ideal for sharing videos of all kinds and even making live broadcasts from anywhere.


Another of the social networking applications compatible with Android and iOS that enjoys wide versatility and that allows you to share photos, videos and information, make live broadcasts and keep in touch with family, friends, companies and more.

It is one of the social networks with the greatest potential for digital marketing and has at least 1,000 million active users.

Get the most out of the most used social networks today with the content that we frequently offer through the blog section of our website. In this way, you can increase the reach of your business or venture and even get more followers organically.

What are the best useful applications for social networks?

When choosing the ideal tools for your social networks, these applications will be very useful.


It is an application that allows you to see how your publications would look individually, in a grid format, before publishing, this also provides data and interaction rate that should be known in each of your publications.

It is usually used in the Instagram feed with success.


This app gives social media managers the ability to create compelling images and amazing animations for business or brand accounts, without the need to be a design expert. It has more than 10,000 templates and 30 formats available for use, so it will be an excellent tool for you.


With this application it is possible to create content of your brand to upload in the stories of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to the traditional images with Fastory you can access a varied menu that will allow you to design and launch games, Quiz articles, videos, chatbots, surveys, questions and much more.

This tool is extremely useful for generating content and capturing the attention of users on any social network of your brand.


Captiona is an application that provides you with tools to add descriptions and photo captions in English, in social networks such as snapchat and Instagram.

In general, this brings originality to your publications and allows you to enter the keywords that describe the images and increase traffic on your website.

Hoot Suite Composer

This is a social media management app that lets you create, schedule, and post messages to as many accounts or profiles as you want, all from one dashboard.

Other options included in this application include adding titles, attaching images to publications, editing posts, adding logos, modifying the size, and much more.


What is Tabfoundry and how does it work?

Discover everything you need to know about what Tabfoundry is and how it works, so that you can take advantage of all the advantages that this tool offers and use them to your advantage.

What is Tabfoundry?

Tabfoundry is an application that offers the possibility of easily creating contests and personalized tabs on your page, without having to resort to the default ones.

Tabfoundry offers a blank canvas on which you can work, using the drag and drop tools that it has.

This application will allow you to add background graphics, images, colors, videos, multimedia gallery and more to your design. In addition, the app has a free version and a Premium version, with a cost of 10 euros and up.

How does Tabfoundry work?

As mentioned before, Tabfoundry is a simple application with which you can create tabs for Facebook, for this you must do the following:

• Access the Tabfoindry panel on Facebook.
• Click the “Create New Tab” icon to get started.
• Choose from custom tab, quiz or photo options.
• Click on the Custom Tab option.
• Click the Edit Tab button.
• You will be able to view the tab creation screen.
• Drag and drop widgets onto the screen or canvas as named in the tool.
• Once the project is finished, you must click on the “Publish” button at the top right of the screen.

Why is tab customization important?

Once brands, businesses or companies have a virtual presence on social networks, it is important to generate a positive impact on the users who access it, therefore designing and creating quality content is essential, but it is also essential that it be personalized, so that it is possible to identify with the brand.

Facebook is one of the social networks that millions of users access daily, this means that it is of great importance in the virtual world, therefore properly managing your profile on this platform can mean the success of your business.

Most social networks have a tab menu in which the different sections that are shown to the public are organized, however, depending on each of the social networks you access and the type of business that these have options may vary.

Most professional or business profiles have similar generic tabs, but it is extremely important to customize your own business’s to optimize the use of your social networks to your advantage.

How are tabs customized on Facebook?

Customizing the tabs on Facebook is quite simple and only requires a few specific steps, for this there is a wide variety of tools such as Tapfoundry.

These tools and applications will allow you to modify the generic tabs or create new ones with the design and functionality you want.

One of the advantages of this application is that it has a free version and a Premium version, with a fairly affordable price that you can use unlimitedly.

Digital Marketing on Facebook Tabs

All businesses with a virtual presence must consider that applications are available to get the most out of them, the same thing happens with social networks, so using tabs on Facebook, as a digital marketing strategy, is an excellent option for Help your brand grow.

Some of the most important digital marketing strategies through Facebook tabs are: driving to YouTube channels, creating portfolios, Pinterest profiles, visits wall, event calendars and much more.

Get the most out of the most used social networks today with the content that we frequently offer through the blog section of our website. In this way, you can increase the reach of your business or venture and even get more followers organically. Dare to try it.