Facebook contests and how to take advantage of them

Discover everything you need to know about Facebook contests and how to take advantage of them, so you can take advantage of the advantages and benefits that this digital marketing strategy has for you.

Facebook contests

Sure, you’ve heard about contests on Facebook, a strategy that allows businesses and ventures to get closer to their users or potential customers.
It is an incredible opportunity to improve the sales of your online store, however, this is not the only benefit that you can obtain by running a

Facebook contest since it also allows you to generate engagement and increase traffic to your ecommerce.

Combining the reach of a social network like Facebook and the attractiveness of a contest, it is possible to guarantee a practically resounding success, thanks to the fact that anyone would like to win a prize, however, this does not imply that all the promotions you carry out are infallible. , but it will require planning a strategy that allows you to achieve your specific objectives.

When talking about web analytics or metrics, there are certain parameters that are considered “vanity” or less important for a business, such as the number of followers or the reach of a publication, however, although apparently it is not of something relevant if it is essential to define the objectives of a contest and determine the precise moment in which you should do it.

General rules for Facebook contests

As in any other social network, you need to consider some general rules for Facebook contests, so that you do not run the risk of being sanctioned by the platform, these are the following.

• You must clearly state the conditions that the applicant must meet in order to become a winner, ie eligibility requirements and participation restrictions.
• It is necessary to ensure compliance with the corresponding data protection terms and legal aspects.
• The Facebook platform must be exempt from any responsibility inherent to the contest or sweepstakes.
• It is necessary to clarify that Facebook does not sponsor the contest and does not administer it.
• Formulas that are not allowed or message limitations must be established, such as requesting that other people be tagged in the publication, although there are other social networks such as Instagram that still allow this type of condition.

7 Steps to Create Facebook Contests and How to Take Advantage of Them

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1. Establish the objectives, integrating the contest to the purposes you want to achieve, whether it is to obtain followers, increase traffic, retain customers or others.
2. Determine the target audience of the contest, so that you can capture the largest number of potential customers.
3. Choose the contest prize, considering that it should be attractive to your buyer persona and not be so expensive that it generates losses in exchange for likes.
4. Set the challenge or test, be it like + comment, answer a question, submit a photo, or some other action so that only those who are truly interested participate.
5. Establishes the rules of the contest, including the duration, who can participate, the action to be carried out, the prizes and the draw process, in addition to compliance with the Facebook regulations, previously exposed.
6. Promote the contest, carrying out advertising campaigns, collaborating with third parties, sharing in the community or supporting yourself on other social networks to spread the word and achieve greater reach.
7. Measure and analyze the results, so that you can check if the contest strategy has worked or not and determine what you should maintain or modify in the future.

Remember to pay special attention to each step to avoid sanctions by the platform.

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