What is Tabfoundry and how does it work?

Discover everything you need to know about what Tabfoundry is and how it works, so that you can take advantage of all the advantages that this tool offers and use them to your advantage.

What is Tabfoundry?

Tabfoundry is an application that offers the possibility of easily creating contests and personalized tabs on your page, without having to resort to the default ones.

Tabfoundry offers a blank canvas on which you can work, using the drag and drop tools that it has.

This application will allow you to add background graphics, images, colors, videos, multimedia gallery and more to your design. In addition, the app has a free version and a Premium version, with a cost of 10 euros and up.

How does Tabfoundry work?

As mentioned before, Tabfoundry is a simple application with which you can create tabs for Facebook, for this you must do the following:

• Access the Tabfoindry panel on Facebook.
• Click the “Create New Tab” icon to get started.
• Choose from custom tab, quiz or photo options.
• Click on the Custom Tab option.
• Click the Edit Tab button.
• You will be able to view the tab creation screen.
• Drag and drop widgets onto the screen or canvas as named in the tool.
• Once the project is finished, you must click on the “Publish” button at the top right of the screen.

Why is tab customization important?

Once brands, businesses or companies have a virtual presence on social networks, it is important to generate a positive impact on the users who access it, therefore designing and creating quality content is essential, but it is also essential that it be personalized, so that it is possible to identify with the brand.

Facebook is one of the social networks that millions of users access daily, this means that it is of great importance in the virtual world, therefore properly managing your profile on this platform can mean the success of your business.

Most social networks have a tab menu in which the different sections that are shown to the public are organized, however, depending on each of the social networks you access and the type of business that these have options may vary.

Most professional or business profiles have similar generic tabs, but it is extremely important to customize your own business’s to optimize the use of your social networks to your advantage.

How are tabs customized on Facebook?

Customizing the tabs on Facebook is quite simple and only requires a few specific steps, for this there is a wide variety of tools such as Tapfoundry.

These tools and applications will allow you to modify the generic tabs or create new ones with the design and functionality you want.

One of the advantages of this application is that it has a free version and a Premium version, with a fairly affordable price that you can use unlimitedly.

Digital Marketing on Facebook Tabs

All businesses with a virtual presence must consider that applications are available to get the most out of them, the same thing happens with social networks, so using tabs on Facebook, as a digital marketing strategy, is an excellent option for Help your brand grow.

Some of the most important digital marketing strategies through Facebook tabs are: driving to YouTube channels, creating portfolios, Pinterest profiles, visits wall, event calendars and much more.

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