Strategies to interact with the public in the networks

Learn about the best strategies to interact with the public on social networks, so that you can maintain contact with users, give feedback to your customers and much more.

The 7 best strategies to interact with the public in the networks

The idea of ​​having a presence in social networks is mainly to be able to interact with followers, potential clients and the general public, mainly in those businesses that are just beginning to have a presence in the virtual world and want to stand out among so many brands.

1. Post often

The idea is that you can publish frequently without this implying exaggeration and try to do it in time intervals, either from Monday to Friday or daily.

The idea is that you can post according to the type of social network, for example on Facebook 4 to 5 times a week, while on Instagram or Twitter you can increase the frequency, even to several times a day.
Instead, on platforms like YouTube, you can limit your posts to once a week but still do so.

The objective is to test to define the frequency with which you should publish to make the most of the interaction with users and verify the effectiveness of the strategies.

2. Design your message adapted to each social network

Each of the social networks has different characteristics and it is necessary to adapt the publications to it.

The idea is that you can publish the most appropriate content on the corresponding social network, for example, on YouTube you must upload videos, since users usually look for this type of publication, on the other hand, Instagram, photos with detailed description are usually the better choice.

3. Spend time creating content

Offering quality content and posts is essential in any social network, so spending time creating and posting is of the utmost importance.

You must pay attention to details, take good photographs and take care of spelling, remember that everything you publish will be associated with your brand and will positively or negatively influence your reputation.

You can organize yourself into work blocks and assign a certain period of time to each task to fulfill them all in the most efficient way.

4. Perform live and promote them

Live broadcasts have a great reach among users, but if they are not promoted, this resource can be wasted, so it is essential that you spend time promoting it appropriately in all possible media.

Regardless of the social network you decide to do the live broadcast on, you will be able to promote it on others and even on your website.

Get the most out of the most used social networks today with the content that we frequently offer through the blog section of our website. In this way, you can increase the reach of your business or venture and even get more followers organically.

5. Show interest in your audience by launching polls and questions

Showing interest in your followers is a great way to interact with them and for this you can conduct surveys or questions.

Remember that this is usually more useful to know your audience than a simple “Like”.

6. Set a goal for each post

The idea is that you make publications that have specific objectives and not that they are made randomly, since the intention is to achieve public interaction with the brand.

Usually, the publications have web traffic, reach, followers or engagement as their objective, and they are designed based on this.

7. Connect with the interests and experiences of your audience

This last strategy is linked to Storytelling and its intention is to make the target audience feel identified with the brand.

The idea is to have a buyer persona profile that helps you target your posts based on the experiences, interests, and concerns of the users the brand is targeting.

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