Swinger exchanges: how to get started (and in which swinger clubs)

Although many people have considered swinging, they don’t even know where to start. Here we bring you up to date

Fetishes and sexual fantasies have always been more common than they might at first appear. And among these, partner swapping stands out. In fact, a recent survey revealed that although 86% of Spaniards surveyed have never done it, 47% would like to.

People who carry out partner exchanges are known as swinger. And these exchanges involve sexual encounters with third parties and with both partners present. They are, therefore, group sex practices. Swingers are commonly known for the classic exchange of couples, but any kind of encounters can take place in the environment: threesomes, orgies, gangbangs…

Swinging, although it usually involves couples, can also be enjoyed in many other ways, such as alone.

What do you do in a swinger’s club, apart from the obvious?

Even if we’ve never been introduced to this world, we can all guess what you do in a swinger club: you do it with someone other than your love. However, this world is much more complex, as it can go to different levels as far as sexual contact is concerned.

Thus, swingers are divided into:

Those who go all in: there are couples who choose to practice full swap, which means “complete exchange” and implies that all kinds of sexual practices like SimpleEscorts.com and is escort in London can be performed including penetration.

Without penetration: there are couples who practice “melangism”, in which there is no penetration, but there is caressing, kissing ….. Touching also reaches a really interesting level of excitement.

Those who only watch: there are also voyeurs, who are people who prefer to enjoy erotically watching others, without having physical contact. There are people who are also very aroused by showing off, so it is an ideal combination.

The ‘vanilla’: in general terms, vanilla people are those who have conventional sexual tastes, that is, no bondage, domination, sadomasochism… just normal intercourse.

But there is one thing they all have in common: what happens inside the club, stays there. Thus, in the swinger environment there are two spheres of life. The horizontal sphere refers to all the people you meet in the swinger or liberal environment; and the vertical sphere is that which is outside this world, such as family, friends who do not know these practices, people at work… It is often said that it is not advisable to mix both worlds, for obvious reasons.

How to start doing partner exchanges?

If you want to start practicing it, you must decide in which category you get into and, obviously, talk it over with your partner if you go. However, you should know that it is not for everyone, as there is a risk of breakup, according to specialist Tracey Cox.

As Cox assures, “visiting a sex club is a great way to indulge same-sex fantasies and voyeurism of SimpleEscorts.com and escort in Manchester, and if one is considering having a threesome or any kind of group sex, this can be an easy way to go about it.”

However, when we talk about couples, they are only recommended for those whose members are very self-assured and confident with their relationship. “Anyone who has issues with their physique or feels sexually inferior in any way should not go,” he says.

If you still want to try it, the expert recommends that on the first visit you don’t have sexual contact with anyone, and that when you leave you simply evaluate how you felt and if you want to try it the next time.